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Children line up to plant seeds in a raised garden bed

Growing Teachers Throughout the Seasons



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Purchase the physical GTS Guidebook here: Growing Teachers Throughout the Seasons Guidebook

The overall goal of Growing Teachers Throughout the Season (GTS) is to increase the number of pre-K through grade 12 educational professionals who teach STEM-based agricultural production techniques and workforce skills throughout the traditional school year by using the GTS curriculum. GTS is applicable at all grade levels, including early care and education, for teachers of all subjects, in a range of settings including classrooms, libraries, and garden clubs. Growing Teachers Throughout the Seasons is data-driven and teacher informed.

The GTS school year growing cycle makes it possible to harvest a different food each month—September through May! The GTS month-by-month guide provides timeframes for planting, nurturing, and harvesting using the three GTS methods: Seed starting under LED lights, raised beds with season extension, and indoor hydroponic units. No watering or maintenance is required during winter, spring, or summer breaks! These free online modules with videos and other resources will support your school garden efforts.​ The online modules supplement the GTS Guidebook, which is available for purchase at OSU Publications.   

The Growing Teachers Throughout the Seasons modules cover: 

  1. The GTS Growing Cycle
  2. Supporting Your School Garden
  3. The 3 GTS Growing Methods
  4. Seed Starting Basics    
  5. LED Lighting Systems   
  6. Best Varieties to Transplant and to Seed Directly   
  7. Transplanting Seedlings 
  8. Thinning of Indoor and Outdoor Plants  
  9. Paper Towel Planting and Other Seed Starting Tips for Classrooms 
  10. Raised Bed Basics   
  1. Season Extension Basics 
  2. Soil Testing and Fertility
  3. Outdoor Watering and Fertilizing  
  4. Integrated Pest Management - Insects and Weeds
  5. Closing Out Growing Spaces
  6. Controlled Environment Agriculture Methods vs. Traditional Growing  
  7. Self-Contained Hydroponic Growing Systems for Schools
  8. Food Safety While Preparing and Maintaining the Garden
  9. Food Safety During Harvest
  10. Taste Testing and Celebrating the Garden Harvest

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