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CareerNext: Are you Ready?


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Full course description

Preparing for post-secondary education and careers involves comprehending the necessary inputs for individuals to succeed in higher education or the workforce. Learners will develop self-assessment skills, explore career options, and acquire essential knowledge and employability skills to navigate life and work environments effectively.

This course consists of the following 6 modules:

  • Module 1 - Personal Discovery
  • Module 2 - Career Exploration
  • Module 3 - Post-Secondary Education
  • Module 4 - Preparing for an Interview
  • Module 5 - Money, Money, Money
  • Module 6 - Recap

You will begin this course by taking an assessment called YouScience Discovery, which is designed to help you discover your natural talents, validate your skills, and connect you with educational and career pathways. Your assessment results will be used throughout the course to guide your learning.

This course also offers access to the Ohio 4-H Pathways to the Future Program, providing learners with opportunities to participate in the Ohio 4-H Mock Job Interview Contest upon completion, fostering lifelong learning mindsets and facilitating successful transitions from secondary education to post-secondary education or the workforce.

There are NO refunds issued for this course. 

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