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A Guide to Amish Society


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The Amish are a small, religious-based and rural-located sect whose origins harken back to the early years of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, but whose contemporary cultural practices and social organization were established over their nearly 300-year presence in North America. The Amish prefer to live a more religious lifestyle, based on their interpretation of the Bible (especially the New Testament), that says to some degree they must be separate from the more “secular” or “worldly” society surrounding them. In this course, we will take a sociological perspective to understand what drives and maintains Amish society. In this course, we will examine the origins and logic behind the cultural practices and preferred religious lifestyle of Amish society with special attention paid to health and wellness practices. This course may be of special interest to health care and social workers serving in rural communities.

Participants in this course will receive a certificate of completion from Ohio State Extension. The certificate of completion will be awarded after watching the recordings, completing readings, passing all quizzes with >80% and completion of the course evaluation.

The required course text, "The Amish: A Concise Introduction" by Steven M Nolt, should be purchased separately (~$20).

Nurses seeking contact hours from The Ohio State College of Nursing should enroll in the sister course: A Guide to Amish Society: Continuing Education for Nurses.

There are NO refunds issued for this course.

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