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close up of an aphid on a leaf Integrated Pest Management and Pesticide Safety for Gardeners is a Course

Integrated Pest Management and Pesticide Safety for Gardeners

Time limit: 365 days

$10 Enroll

Full course description

Do you want to start gardening but don’t know where to start? Or do you already have some gardening experience and a love for learning? Get started here with the basics of garden pest management.

Once the module is completed, participants will be able to:

  • Define pest management
  • Understand the five-step systematic approach to pest control
  • Learn how to use cultural, biological, and chemical controls
  • Learn important safety measures for applying pesticides
  • Understand laws governing the use of pesticides in the US
  • Define a pesticide and give a few examples of common types
  • Understand the importance of reading and following the label instructions to use a pesticide safely and legally
  • Understand storage and disposal requirements for pesticides
  • Understand how to minimize the impacts of pesticides on the environment

Take this class anytime when you have the time. Participants will have access to the course materials for one year from the date of enrollment.

*Module curriculum based on the Ohio State University Master Gardener Volunteer Training. This course does not serve as a replacement for Master Gardener Volunteer training but may be used as a makeup session for current volunteers if allowed by the county Master Gardener Volunteer coordinator. For those who would like to become a Master Gardener Volunteer, contact the Master Gardener Volunteer coordinator for your county. A list of county programs can be found at

If you have questions about the course please contact Jen Andon at or Erika Lyon at

There are NO REFUNDS for this course.

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